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As a Real Estate and Estate Planning Attorney, Certified Financial PlannerTM and with over 25 years of personal business and investment experience, Michael has not only the book knowledge, but also the real life experiences to benefit his clients. He works with his clients to discover not only their surface level financial needs, but their deeper goals. Once those are discovered, Michael has very specific processes he utilizes to create customized financial plans and implementation strategies.With a practice focus on Retirement Income Planning, he works with clients to implement a specific 5-Step Process to help his clients gain control over their financial lives in order to have a greater chance to achieve their retirement goals and dreams.Michael’s success is based on his long history of client service, sound investment strategy which focuses on managing portfolio volatility, and using innovative products and services.

Visit Michael’s website at  www.michaelginsberg.com

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“Although none of us can accurately predict the future, I can help you prepare for what lies ahead. I look forward to working with you to construct a portfolio that is designed to fit your investment needs and life goals.”

Michael Ginsberg,

Certified Financial PlannerTM

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